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Dear Readers,

The writing and sharing of my story helped me come to terms with the pain and permanence of my loss. It is my hope that those who read it will be helped as well, inspired by my mother’s example and by my family’s determination to enjoy life while anticipating death.

I invite and encourage you to share your reactions with me. I (as well as my father and siblings) have appreciated hearing from people who’ve read the book, been moved by it, and taken the time to let me know. I have heard from other motherless daughters, from women and men in the “sandwich generation” going through or anticipating the process of losing a parent and needing reassurance, from people who knew my mother, from people who wish they had, from bereavement counselors and hospice nurses who say my family’s experience and the telling of our story will help them in their work, from pastors and professors…

My mother would be so pleased that, as an unintended consequence and unexpected benefit of my having written the book, our story – now that it has been published – is, among other nice things, connecting strangers through shared memories or experiences, rekindling old friendships, and even sparking new ones.

I would love to hear from you if you read the book and want to share feedback – or your own story. I read and appreciate every single message and try to respond to all of them. You may contact me via email ( or by posting on the book’s Facebook page ( Please also consider following me on twitter (@campanellalinda), where I tweet and share frequently on topics relating to death and dying, hospice and palliative care, grieving and letting go.

If you are a reader who lives in my area (southern New England), please know that I am available to meet with book clubs, women’s groups, faith communities, hospice organizations, or any forum that might be interested in a story of this kind. I’d be more than happy to talk about my own – and perhaps shared – experiences: dealing with the terminal illness of a loved one, becoming motherless, growing in my faith, expressing grief through writing, moving through grief to a place of profound gratitude.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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